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The Simplest Way to License Music for your Business

Feed.fm is your trusted partner for sharing music legally with your customers

How to License Music

While there are many options for sharing music with your customers, most come with tremendous drawbacks: spend hundreds of thousands of dollars directly with the right holders, send your customers out to a 3rd party platform, or use anonymous royalty free music.

Whether you are sharing music in your app, in a blog post, or in your store or gym, you have to get permission and pay the rightsholders. Many small business owners stream directly from their Spotify accounts, but, unfortunately, that is not a legal solution.

Licensing 101

All musical works have two sets of rightsholders to consider:

1. The sound recording copyright owners (e.g., record labels)

2. The licensors of the underlying compositions, typically a Performing Rights Organization (PRO).


The PROs actively look for businesses that are infringing. Statutory damages can range anywhere from $750, up to $150,000, per copyrighted work.


Depending on whether you are live streaming classes online, playing background music in a lobby, or using specific songs in a class, you'll need different licenses from multiple organizations.

You also need to consider whether your content is interactive or non interactive. Non interactive means the user is not able to select a specific track or artist. Interactive means the listener has the choice to choose what songs they want to listen to at any given time (including synchronization with video).

In all cases, it is better to ask for permission than forgiveness. 

Feed.fm specializes in helping fitness companies successfully address and navigate all of their music licensing needs.

We offer our business customers the opportunity to stream popular music, engage users without exposure to advertising, and ensure that artists and copyright holders receive their royalties.

The Feed.fm Solution

Popular Music
With Feed.fm, you're streaming popular commercial music. Our endless catalog includes most commercially available music, including chart-topping hits, giving your users access to the music they know and love as well as new releases.
Keep users engaged on your owned properties.
With our API, your users will experience free music streaming straight from your brand. Your users won't have to subscribe or pay, and they won't be exposed to any other advertising.
All artists and copyright holders get paid.
We fully indemnify our partners and you can rest assured that we are reporting usage and paying rights holders. You should never have to think about licensing music or paying royalties for in-app music again.
Sample Stations on Feed.fm
Easily stream popular and indie music for your customers.
power workouts
today's pop
indie dance
endurance training
throwback jams
yoga & stretching
classic rock
game day pump up
mellow summer vibes
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