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Bespoke Music for Businesses

Exclusive songs and custom compositions created by world-class musicians.


Featured Artists

Taku Hirano Feed Originals Artist Headshot Square

Taku Hirano
Composer, producer and percussionist for Fleetwood Mac, Whitney Houston, John Mayer, Stevie Nicks, & Dr. John.

Rianjali Bhowmick Feed Originals Artist Headshot Square

Rianjali Bhowmick
Singer-songwriter and composer who has collaborated with U2, A.R. Rahman, Bishop Briggs, and Shawn Mendes.

Stix Bones Feed Originals Recording Artist

Stix Bones
Producer, drummer, and contemporary Jazz artist who has collaborated with Maseo (De La Soul), Rahzel (The Roots),  to name a few.

Dario Slavazza Feed Originals Artist Headshot Square

Dario Slavazza
Ethnomusicologist, curator, composer, producer, recording engineer, and classically trained saxophonist.

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Featured Playlists

Wellness Music

Science-backed sleep induction Feed Originals Playlist Image

Science-Backed Sleep 
Sleep songs composed for sleep induction.

Science-backed focus Feed Originals Playlist Image-1

Science-Backed Focus
Focus music for work and study.

Science-backed relaxation and destress Feed Originals Playlist Image-1

Science-Backed Relaxation
Destress with relaxing music.

Fitness Music

Pop Feed Originals Playlist Image

Upbeat indie pop songs.

Hip-hop Feed Originals Playlist Image

Hype hip-hop tracks.

Dance vocals Feed Originals Playlist Image

Dance music to get you moving.

Ambient Music

downtempo chill Feed Originals Playlist Image

Chill grooves.

nature sounds Feed Originals Playlist Image

Nature Sounds
Nature sounds to transport you.

Ambient Feed Originals Playlist Image

Ambient Meditation
Meditation music.

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Unique Soundscapes to set the mood.

Perfect for: 
  • Online & mobile content
  • Background & hold music
  • In-flight & automotive entertainment
  • Digital events & video conferencing
  • Commercials & films



Flexible Licensing Options

Streaming Music Station

Get access to the music API to stream Feed Originals alongside your digital content.

Low-code plug-and-play SDKs with a built-in music player makes it easy to stream music to any device.

Monthly Subscription

Subscribe and get unlimited access to the Feed Originals catalog. 

Download songs to use anywhere with a Royalty-free license that includes worldwide, all media rights in perpetuity.


Custom Compositions

Work with a professional curator to write a music brief and get an exclusive track, composed by a Feed Originals artist.

Get a custom song designed for your specific sonic needs.

Best-in-class music streaming infrastructure included.

Simplify music streaming on any device with our plug-and-play music API and SDKs. Easily integrate your music in mobile and web apps, smart TVs, autos, video conferencing platforms, and much more.


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Custom Compositions

Our world-class musicians can create custom soundtracks for your business's unique needs.

  • Work with a professional curator to write a music brief.
  • Get an exclusive composition custom made for your brand.


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Find Your Sound

Let's start with a free music consultation. We are here to help you get the right music to engage your customers.