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Music is the heart and soul of fitness, wellness, sports, and health apps, but not all functional music is created equal. If you want music for your brand that does what it says it does, it’s vital to seek out music that follows scientific principles.

By collaborating with top scientists and commissioning music from world-class musicians, Feed Originals delivers science-backed functional music purpose-built for wellness outcomes. 

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Lost in the shuffle?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of  playlists and music catalogs full of somewhat random tracks that don’t meet the needs of brands looking for scientifically validated functional music for workouts, relaxation, meditation, focus, and sleep.

Traditionally, music with this level of scientifically supported development has been difficult to come by. Since the launch of Feed Originals, however, our catalog is now available and accessible so that any brand can harness the power of science-backed music.

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Harnessing the power of music

A thoughtful appreciation of the effects of music on the brain is at the core of our curatorial approach. Music initiates a cascade of powerful changes in the brain, providing the opportunity to enhance outcomes in the areas of motivation, memory, focus, relaxation, mood enhancement, and more. Access to a science-backed music library is vital to ensure the effectiveness of music as a health and wellness tool.

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Following the  research

To ensure that our music library contains only the best workout and wellness music, has teamed up with scientists with highly specialized expertise in functional music and biomusicology to inform our process. 

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We collaborated with Dr. Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University London, an expert in the psychological and physiological effects of music, to optimize workout music. His principles guide our curation, enhancing motivation and performance.

Read The ABC of Music in Exercise white paper

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We enlisted the talents of Dr. Daniel Bowling, a neuroscientist from Stanford University School of Medicine to apply biomusicology in defining effective wellness music for sleep, relaxation, focus, and meditation. His expertise in music's effects on the brain helped us create an optimal wellness music library.

Read the Music for Wellness white paper

Building a science-backed music catalog

The expert curation team at employs these science-backed musical principles as they commission Feed Originals tracks and create curated music stations and playlists. Carefully considering such components as melody and harmony, rhythm, and tone, our music curators ensure that the functional music that makes it into the library really does what it’s supposed to. From beats per minute to frequency to the presence or absence of lyrics, the qualities of each track are intentionally composed and categorized.

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The right music at the right time

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Focus & Attention

Foster concentration with a steady groove balanced with chill vibes to maintain an undistracted mind: hiphop styled lo-fi, bluesy lounge, and downtempo. Wellness Image 4

Sleep & Relaxation

The most effective relaxation soundtracks blend synth pads, soft acoustic pieces, nature sounds, and Eastern influences under the umbrella of “relaxing ambient.” Wellness Image 3

Stress & Anxiety

The right mix of gently energizing instrumental music can facilitate holistic digital environments that deliver better results to decrease stress and anxiety.

Scaling the science

The specific parameters that go into creating and curating science-backed music depend on whether it is intended to support functions like relaxation, sleep, focus, or athletic performance.

Expert curation is critical when it comes to translating the ideal ranges for functional music’s rhythm, tone, bpm, and other qualities into delivering the right music to the right person at the right time.

Sleep Induction
Focus & Attention
Relaxation & Destress

Science-backed music samples

Listen to destress & relaxation music and focus music

Relaxation music

Focus music 




The right music can stimulate reward, reduce stress, and improve mood, putting your brain in a position to better achieve many wellness outcomes, such as focusing.


Daniel Bowling, PhD
Stanford School of Medicine, Wellness Music Advisor


Feed Originals

The science-backed music you've been looking for

At, we specialize in curating music for health and wellness outcomes, and our exclusive music collection, Feed Originals. We are excited to help more businesses tap into the proven-benefits of music with our new royalty-free music collection

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Get in on the conversation

For more insight into how and why Feed Originals was created, enjoy this conversation about the origins of this innovative and unique science-backed music library and the ways that it introduces a never-seen-before freedom and ease to the process of music licensing.



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