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Stream Feed Originals Music in Apps

It's easy to stream music in apps with Feed Originals pre-curated packages, the music API, and plug-and-play SDKs. 

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Streaming music integration for apps

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Streaming made easy

The streaming music API makes it easy for you to stream Feed Originals alongside your digital content.

Get a low-code plug-and-play SDKs with a built-in music player so that you can stream music to any device. Easily integrate Feed Originals music in mobile and web apps, smart TVs, autos, video conferencing platforms, and much more.


Feed Originals Music Integration Examples (2)

Station packages

The curation team combines their musical knowledge with scientific guidance and music for apps market research to craft functional music mixes that further engage users in apps, connected devices, and other digital experiences like VR and AR.  Choose the station(s) best for your audience, or use our SDKs to implement a music menu and give your customers a chance to choose their own musical adventure.

Energetic genre-based music stations

$250 per station per month

Feed Originals tracks are created and curated specifically for fitness, health, sports, and performance outcomes. Guided by the ABCs of exercise music these stations include mid- to high-intensity songs with upbeat tempos and uplifting lyrics. 






Science-backed wellness music stations

$150 per station per month

Feed Originals wellness music is rooted in the scientific research of music's effects on the brain, and the specific musical elements shown to shift moods.   





Nature Sounds

$150 per station per month

A unique collection of field recordings and nature sounds for soundscapes and background streaming. 

Nature music curators

Custom stations

Looking for something more custom? 

  • Work with a professional music curator to get custom stations crafted for your brand.

  • Submit your request below.


Streamed by leading fitness, sports, health & wellness apps


Featured Artists

FO Artist Headshots_Akai Masa

Akai Masa
Guided by a science-backed approach and stylistic finesse, his compositions serve as a melodic sanctuary for relaxation, sleep, and meditation.

Rianjali Bhowmick Feed Originals Artist Headshot Square

Ben Wiley

Stix Bones Feed Originals Recording Artist

Tilly Alistair

Dario Slavazza Feed Originals Artist Headshot Square



Contributing Composers

Original music by world-class artists who perform with Fleetwood Mac, Leann Rimes, and New Mastersounds, and work with composers like A.R. Rahman. Expertly curated and commissioned for health, fitness, and wellness digital experiences, using FMG’s 10 years of domain expertise, proprietary playback data, and research driven by advisors including Dr. Daniel Bowling (Stanford University Dept of Medicine) and Professor Costas I. Karageorghis (Brunel University, London.)

Taku Hirano Feed Originals Artist Headshot Square

Taku Hirano
Composer, producer and percussionist for Fleetwood Mac, Whitney Houston, John Mayer, Stevie Nicks, & Dr. John.

Rianjali Bhowmick Feed Originals Artist Headshot Square

Rianjali Bhowmick
Singer-songwriter and composer who has collaborated with U2, A.R. Rahman, Bishop Briggs, and Shawn Mendes.

Stix Bones Feed Originals Recording Artist

Stix Bones
Producer, drummer, and contemporary Jazz artist who has collaborated with Maseo (De La Soul), Rahzel (The Roots),  to name a few.

Dario Slavazza Feed Originals Artist Headshot Square

Dario Slavazza
Ethnomusicologist, curator, composer, producer, recording engineer, and classically trained saxophonist.

Feed Originals Disco Search

Annual Subscription

Subscribe and get unlimited access to the Feed Originals catalog.

Download songs to use anywhere with a royalty-free license including worldwide, all media rights in perpetuity.



Custom Compositions

Our world-class musicians can create custom soundtracks for your business's unique needs.

  • Work with a professional curator to write a music brief.
  • Get an exclusive composition custom made for your brand.


Get started

Let's start with a free music consultation. We are here to help you seamlessly integrate the right music into your digital products to create more engaging experiences for your end users. 

Akina blog music as a solution


Music as a Solution: Capturing Nature Sounds for Akina

Music as a solution: How Feed Originals helped Akina overcome licensing and music integration challenges and define their music strategy with custom sounds. 

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Musical passion knows no bounds: Bob Beamon & Stix Bones interview

Discover the inspiring story of Olympic gold medalist Bob Beamon and Feed Originals artist Stix Bones as they collaborate on a new jazz-inspired album, Olimpik Soul.

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Music for Wellness

Learn how science is informing music-based interventions and treatments to radically improve our mental health and wellness in the face of expanding challenges, including dysfunctional  levels of stress and anxiety, depressed mood, and poor sleep.