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Go behind the scenes in this music industry podcast series from Feed Media Group.

podcast host Jeff Yasuda speaking into a microphone in a recording studioHere at Feed Media Group we count ourselves lucky to work in the vibrant, entertaining, and always creative music industry. As co-founder and CEO, I’ve come to learn that behind every favorite artist, song, or lyric, is a story you've never heard. In Voices Behind the Music we delve much deeper than the frontman you hear on the album, or the guitarist you see on stage. People from all aspects of the music industry work together to make the business what it is—and they are often some of the busiest, nicest, funniest, and smartest people out there.

I hope you’ll join me as I sit down with some of my favorite voices behind the music, and hear their insider stories about what makes the music industry so exciting. 

- Jeff Yasuda, co-founder and CEO, Feed Media Group

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Season 1
  • Episode 1: Finding Funk, Mastering Sound, and Reviving Vinyl - with Eddie Roberts
    Jeff Yasuda speaks with Eddie Roberts about how he discovered jazz through record sleeves, his international performance career as a funk guitarist, the music discovery platform he created called Color Red, and why he was pressing vinyl during the pandemic. Listen
  • Episode 2: Predicting Music Trends, Understanding Crypto for Artists, and Deconstructing In-Game Concerts - with Cherie Hu
    Does the world of NFTs, crypto, and web3 confuse you? Well, award-winning researcher and entrepreneur Cherie Hu sheds light on the world of social tokens in music. Learn why digital collectibles are on the rise and how artists can code their own economics around their creative work. Listen
  • Episode 3: Touring with Fleetwood Mac, Debuting Original Music, and Music Career Advice - with Taku Hirano
    From touring with Whitney Houston to booking the Fleetwood Mac tour by subbing for Stevie Nicks, Taku Hirano has played with some of the absolute greats. His skills as a drummer are unmatched and have led him to have one of the most interesting and exciting performance careers. He recently released his debut album of original music and is heading out on tour this month! Listen
  • Episode 4: The Intersection of Music, Tech, and Finance - with Sun Jen Yung
    Sun is a Partner and Head of Digital Media at Nfluence Partners. She has a passion for the music industry and has sold music tech companies to Facebook, YouTube/Google, SESAC, SOCAN, and Spotify, amongst others.  With her expertise in investment banking, Sun offers fantastic advice to music startups and entrepreneurs on getting their businesses funded. Listen
  • Episode 5: Discovering Maroon 5, Developing Hot Artists, and Dinner with Stars - with David Boxenbaum
    Have you ever wondered how managers and producers find the next biggest star? David Boxenbaum breaks it down and discusses how he discovered several platinum acts, including Maroon 5. David Boxenbaum is the CEO of Newport Media Advisors, providing strategy consulting services to technology companies in media and entertainment. Listen
  • Episode 6: Taking Chances and Touring the World in a Female Punk Band - with Maureen Herman

    Jeff Yasuda sits down with Maureen Herman to discuss how she started touring the world with the female punk band, Babes in Toyland. She reveals stories of how her brother got his hand stuck in a pasta machine and how she started living in Tom Morello’s grandparent’s house.  Listen

  • Episode 7: Pivoting From Tech Executive to Musician through Augmented Reality - with Vivek Agrawal
    Have you ever attended a concert in Augmented Reality? Vivek Agrawal shares his amazing journey from tech executive to musician. He has spent the past several years completing his debut album and developing mixed reality experiences to showcase his music and elevate the music listening experience. Listen
Season 2
  • Episode 8: Authentic music marketing for brands with Geoff Cottrill

    Have you ever thought about how music enhances marketing? Why do brands so popularly partner with artists, and how can they do it best? Here to share his take on marketing with music is Geoff Cottrrill. Learn how he started the Rubber Tracks initiative at Converse to support emerging artists, the story behind Starbucks CDs, and the time Paul McCartney showed him baby pictures of his daughter Beatrice!

    Listen to the full episode.

  • Episode 9: Fitness music and sonic branding with Teff Martinez

    Have you ever thought about how important music is during your workout? Learn why this is true, and why the sound of a business is so important to its success in this exciting conversation with Teff Martinez!

    Listen to the full episode.

  • Episode 10: Creator Economy Empowerment and Music Tech with Molly Neuman

    Have you ever wondered how artists get paid for their work? When one song has multiple musicians, producers, etc, how are royalties paid?  Jeff is joined by Molly Neuman to help us understand how music publishing can be done to benefit creators.

    Listen to the full episode.

  • Episode 11: The Evolution of Music Curation with Saidah Blount

    Have you ever wondered how your favorite playlist was made? Do you miss the days of mixed tapes? Join us on this nostalgic journey with Saidah Blount to learn why music discovery is so important, how human curation provides warmth that technology simply cannot, and why context is so important to content.

    Listen to the full episode.

  • Episode 12: How Music Enhances Exercise with Professor Karageorghis

    Have you ever wondered why working out is so much better with music? Why does music affect us this way? What happens in the brain? Well, wonder no more, because Professor Costas Karageorghis is here to explain it! He discusses different aspects of study he has and continues to engage with, his projections for innovations in music and fitness, and why he is such a lover of jazz music.  

    Listen to the full episode.

  • Episode 13: From Hollywood to Bollywood Composing with Rianjali Bhowmick

    Imagine putting out a song on Soundcloud and getting discovered by one of the biggest composers of all time. Well, that’s what happened to our guest Rianjali Bhowmick. Her story of getting discovered is truly magical, but as she talks to Jeff about it, her life wasn’t always that way! In fact, it came at a really difficult time for her. 

    Fast forward and her career has launched to include singing at Citifield, performing with Bono, composing for Netflix, and so much more. Learn all about what her journey was like and her awesome outlook on creating work.

    Listen to the full episode.

  • Episode 14: Decentralizing Music Streaming and Web3 with Roneil Rumberg

    Where crypto and music intersect, you can find Roneil Rumburg. This week’s guest sat down with Jeff to help explain the benefits of a decentralized Web3 streaming platform. You’ll learn why this is beneficial to artists, and understand a bit more about how digital currency can open up a world of possibilities. 

    Listen to the full episode.