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Music Api

Build Premium Music Experiences

Feed.fm APIs and SDKs help you legally stream music to your customers


Develop unique music experiences in a matter of minutes.

With Feed.fm’s Music APIs and SDKs for JavaScript, iOS, and Android you can develop unique music experiences in a matter of minutes.

Feed.fm's SDKs allow you to easily integrate major label music in your mobile apps or web applications unlike other music providers. If you’re looking at the Apple Music API or Spotify Music API, they simply offer a connection into a user's existing catalogue.

Full control of your customer’s experience.

Integrate seamlessly with your app’s experience

Provide radio-style stations that customers can choose from. Overlay music stations on pre-recorded video for VOD playback. Stream music stations simultaneously with live video

Tried and true SDKs for native mobile iOS and Android, and JavaScript. Pre-built players to accelerate your development. Full support documentation
Popular music that is fully licensed - all artists get paid. Feed.fm completely indemnifies you
. You never need to talk to a music lawyer and your customers get the artists they know and love.
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Comprehensive Analytics Included.

Comprehensive Analytics Included.

Support and Real-time analytics via feed.fm’s web dashboard

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