Unified Music System

A Unified Music System (UMS) brings together all of the content, technology, and services that businesses need to deliver music experiences that engage their customers and drive music-led growth.

UMS Music featuring Light Switch by Charlie Puth


What is a UMS?

A Unified Music System (UMS) is a turnkey way for brands to integrate music from top and emerging artists into their digital experiences.

Until recently, using commercial music in apps posed seemingly insurmountable barriers to entry for all but the largest and most resource-rich brands.

A UMS makes it possible for businesses of any size to harness the power of music.


36k app downloads per day

36k new apps/month

36,000 new apps were released on the Apple App Store in June 2023.
46 app notifications per day

46 notifications/day 

Average number received by US smartphone users every day.
97 percent app deletion rate

97% app deletion rate

First-month deletion rate for entertainment apps.

Did you know that professionally curated music is proven to drive engagement in apps?

Using the right music in the right place at the right time creates fully engaging digital experiences that earn loyalty and retention. 


Retention & Session Times UMS


So why aren't more apps licensing music?

It's complicated

Only the most highly resourced companies have the bandwidth to navigate licensing, stay on top of music trends, decipher music metadata, and analyze terabytes of preference and usage reports.

Ultimately, the timeline and expense of selecting, licensing & integrating commercial music into digital products is fundamentally misaligned with agile development.

music disconnect Grey

Music licensing complexity

Navigating licensing and spending valuable time and resources securing agreements.

Content management challenges

When you finally get the deals done you're left with a heap of .csv files and no way to stream.

Music selection confusion

Choosing the right music for the right person at the right time is both an art and a science.

Introducing the Unified Music System, your answer to music disconnect

A Unified Music System (UMS) enables brands to effortlessly integrate music from both well-known and emerging artists into their digital spaces. By seamlessly blending the right music into your applications at the perfect moment, you can fine-tune the digital experience you desire to create.

Elevate your brand's digital presence by using a UMS to integrate a captivating soundtrack that resonates with your audience, leaving a lasting impression on their digital journey.

UMS licensed content

Pre-cleared catalogs

 Major-label music
 Indie releases
 Royalty-free songs
 Nature sounds
 Spoken audio

UMS music content management systems

Complete music CMS

  Ingestion & storage
 Metadata & tagging

 Compliance engine

 SDKs (iOS, Android, Unity, JS)


Data-driven curation

 Expert human curation
 Audience-centric strategy 
  Listener insights
 Business impact metrics
  Ongoing optimization

How UMS solves music disconnect

You don't even have to think about licensing with access to pre-cleared music collections featuring everything from major-label hits and indie gems to royalty-free tracks, functional audio, and soundscapes. 

Reclaim your roadmap with a robust CMS.  Music APIs and plug-and-play SDKs are built to provide a seamless listening experience on any platform.

Say goodbye to endless searches for the right music. With the expertise of professional music curators, personalization algorithms, and data-driven selection, UMS eliminates any confusion in music selection and provides valuable data and insights to drive faster product growth.


UMS  Music CMS, catalogs and data-driven music curation



Who Benefits?

Unified Music Systems empower the entire organization to harness the power of music. 


UMS Legal teams are fully indemnified
UMS Developers integrate music UI in just days
UMS Content teams test many music combinations
UMS product teams get apps to market on time
UMS_Business Leads able to measure impact of music

UMS is a win for artists & rightsholders too!

Icons_Dark Blue-money bag

Increased revenue


Icons_Dark Blue-32 person on screen

Expanded audiences

Icons_Dark Blue-22


Icons_Dark Blue-16

Better market data & insights