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Feed.fm has made our app experience better and working lives easier.
Ryan Hanna
Chief Product Officer, Sworkit Health
Sworkit Music Powered by Feed.fm
  • Sworkit initially linked out to playlists that their team made with an external music player, but it wasn’t a great fit. 
  • Using Feed.fm’s developer tools, including API and SDKs, to launch an integrated in-app music experience.
  • Partnering with Feed.fm curation team to create and optimize customized music stations.


  • Sworkit users that listen to Feed.fm music in-app have more than double (2.5x) the 90-day retention when compared to customers that didn’t listen to Feed.fm music.


increase in 90 Day Retention
When users listen to Feed.fm music in-app.
Feed.fm built an innovative program that our fans loved. Music drove unprecedented engagement and we’re excited to add music into our digital marketing arsenal with the help of Feed.fm moving forward.
Jeremy Thum
Senior Director of Digital Experience, Golden State Warriors
Music drove
  • Increase fan engagement during the 2016 playoffs
  • Develop a rich partner experience for JBL/Harman
  • Deliver insights into fan music preferences
  • 13 minutes average per fan spent in branded environment
  • 81% improvement in session time through music optimization
  • Over 1000 hours spent in branded environment
increased session times
Through music optimization
Keeping our runners engaged throughout the year is very important to us. Feed.fm powered marathon radio has been a huge hit this year and the data reflects that. The integration was simple and the Feed.fm team have been great to work with.
Ryan Cavinder
Senior Manger, Marketing & Communications, Conqur Endurance Group
Powered Marathon
  • Increase session times and engagement leading up to the race
  • Over 10x session times when users engage with music
increased session times
When customers engage with music
We are able to reach customers in more complete and personalized way. We are thrilled with how Feed.fm drives deeper customer engagement and we’ve seen increased mobile commerce as a result
Chad Kessler
Global Brand President, American Eagle Outfitters
Personalized Way
  • Increase engagement during sessions
  • Increase repeat usage
  • Convert app visitors to purchasers at a higher rate
  • In just 60 days, AEO saw increases across all core KPIs
  • Over 200% increase in session times when customers engage with radio
  • Over 100% increase in Day 30 retention when users engage with radio
  • Over 200% increase in unique visitor to order conversion rate when users engage with radio
increased session times
When customers engage with radio
Feed.fm helps us recreate the atmosphere of the world’s best fighting gyms, while still allowing our users to select a genre they enjoy. Most importantly, they take care of the legal licensing of each song so we can rest easy knowing we provide the best songs to our members while artists also get paid.
Khalil Zahar
Founder and CEO, FightCamp
  • Ability to replicate the atmosphere of a world class fighting gym
  • Provide EDM, Hip Hop, Pop and Rock options at intensity levels to map to each workout
mirror logo
Our members are incredibly diverse and have a discerning ear for music. The curation team at Feed.fm makes sure our music selections are fresh and (just as importantly) unique to our brand and our trainers.
Bryn Putnam
Founder, MIRROR
woman exercising with Mirror
  • Develop bespoke soundtracks for workouts ranging from Cardio to Kickboxing to Yoga while supporting a rapidly growing member base.
  • Work closely with instructors to build out music selections for each modality and optimize those monthly.
We're constantly testing in our app to drive the best user experience. The flexibility of the Feed.fm platform allows us to incorporate music into our experiments and evolve our music integration as we grow.
Dhaval Chadha
Senior Product Manager, ClassPass
  • Give a diverse user base the best possible options for workout soundtracks.
  • 10 unique music stations ranging from Pop to Ambient to Dubstep allows exercisers to pair their workouts with whatever is motivating them that day.
Our workouts are highly personalized and dynamic and we need soundtracks to match. With a limitless catalogue, real human curation, and algorithmic personalization, Feed.fm helps keep our users motivated and our content fresh.
Ryan Vance
Chief Content Officer at Tonal
  • Keep music content fresh and deliver soundtracks that are unique to each individual.
  • Genre-based stations evolve quickly as the Feed.fm algorithm monitors playback and usage.
Symbiotic coaching and music is crucial for our user experience. Feed.fm programs the right music for the right intensity to help us deliver a differentiated workout.
Simon Sollberger
Pear Sports
Symbiotic coaching
  • Key music to coaching content for optimal training effect
  • Find the right tracks for both warmup/recovery and high intensity
  • Launched custom linked coaching and music experience

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