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The legal music solution that drives customer experience improvement.

The versatile Feed.fm platform sources major- and indie-label music content, and takes care of the associated billing, licensing, compliance and reporting hassles. We work with all popular devices and you get content delivered however you need it.

We Host, We Deliver
We use a backend authorization solution combined with a highly scalable Cloud infrastructure. Our solution is prepared to scale with demand.
No Legal Hassles
We take care of the billing and reporting to ensure our clients meet all legal requirements and can focus on the user experience.
Cross-Platform Compatible
We offer iOS, Android, and Javascript SDKs.

Our Toolkit Includes

Pre-Built Music Player
Pre-Built Music Player

We hand you a pre-built player. Minimal coding is necessary. You can, of course, customize 100%!


Use our dashboard to track session times, return visits, conversions and more to better understand your audience. An A/B test environment is available to find the best music solution for your product.


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