Focus Music

Distractions are everywhere, but the right kind of focus music can be used as a tool to help tune out the noise and hone in on the project in front of you. 

“The right music can stimulate reward, reduce stress, and improve mood, putting your brain in a position to better achieve many wellness outcomes, such as focusing."

Daniel Bowling, PhD
Instructor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford School of Medicine | Wellness Music Advisor

The science of music for focusing

Music has the incredible ability to enhance focus and concentration in a variety of ways. When we indulge in pleasant melodies, it ignites a positive impact on our emotions, easing anxiety, stress, and negative feelings.

Music has a remarkable power to induce relaxation, allowing us to perform at our best from a state of calm.

  • A 2021 research study that measured performance on a sustained-attention activity investigated the effect of background music on varying attentional states, and found that the use of preferred background music enhanced the task-focused attentional states. 

  • The same elements of rhythmic music that make it useful for physical work can be adapted and transferred to work that is less physical in nature but nonetheless demands sustained focus.

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Selecting the best focus music

Focus music, productivity music, study music, work music—these all describe the kind of playlists curated to help listeners tune out distractions and tackle the task at had.

No matter the task, music for focus should offer a pleasing soundscape free of lyrics, high pitches, and abrupt transitions. A steady rhythm is an important and necessary component—it’s the rhythmic element of focusing music that creates groove, which energizes us and serves as a catalyst for focused productivity.

How businesses benefit from integrating focus music

With all the distractions clamoring for our attention, the last thing someone needs is to get distracted by searching for the most effective focus music. 

Incorporating focus music into your app magnifies your app’s value to users, and makes it the app they’ll choose to use all day long.

The right music at the right time

Man at computer listening to focus music on headphones

Focus & Attention

Foster concentration with a steady groove balanced with chill vibes to maintain an undistracted mind: hiphop styled lo-fi, bluesy lounge, and downtempo. Wellness Image 4

Sleep & Relaxation

The most effective relaxation soundtracks blend synth pads, soft acoustic pieces, nature sounds, and Eastern influences under the umbrella of “relaxing ambient.” Wellness Image 3

Stress & Anxiety

The right mix of gently energizing instrumental music can facilitate holistic digital environments that deliver better results to decrease stress and anxiety.


Stream market-tested sleep and wellness music in your app

Easily add curated wellness music collections that have been tested across millions of users for a wide variety of health needs.

  • Wellness content
  • Digital events
  • Telehealth experiences
  • On-hold music / IVR Phone
  • Video & audio ads makes streaming focus and concentration music easy for businesses

The only true all-in-one solution, music API and SDKs make it easy to integrate professionally curated music for focus and concentration into an existing app as a value add for clients and a boost for app engagement.


Stream focus music in your app

Easily add custom curated music collections to any app to provide support for end users looking to get focused.

  • Productivity and time-management apps
  • Study and learning platforms
  • Work and collaboration tools for individuals and teams
  • Meditation and mindfulness apps
  • Fitness and wellness sites
  • Language learning platforms
  • Reading and ebook apps
  • Writing and content creation sites

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