Digital Strategy and Music Curation for Business Use

Innovative products and big brands are selecting popular music to amp up their digital content strategy. Learn about the art of music curation for business use, from background music and hold music to fully integrated strategies used by the best streaming music service for businesses and apps.

The best music for businesses

Who’s listening, where and how they are interacting with the music, and what actions do you want them to take? 

Wherever they seek out wellness, fitness, sports, and lifestyle brands, consumers expect music to be there, too. And not just any music—your customers want quality music, custom curated for the task at hand. At, decisions about music selection always put the customer first, while staying true to the brand. So, what does your brand sound like?

When planning your business music strategy, start with a thorough analysis of your brand’s audience. Demographics paired with the end user's needs and your business goals should set you on the right track. Consider the digital content on your site and the user experience you’re trying to create, and that will help you come up with the key genres and intensity levels to focus on.

Next, think about how music will best integrate in your app.  With your KPIs and goals front and center, you can start to think about UX options. Will you offer just one style of music or allow customers to choose genres or stations? What would you like the music interface to look like in your app? 

From subtle soundscapes to digital storytelling, the right music sets the tone for what comes next.  No matter what digital experience you aim to create, a thoughtful music strategy and fine-tuned music integration can help your users get into the flow, and help you meet business goals related to retention and engagement.

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Curating the right music for your audience and your application

Once you’ve honed in on your target audience and have outlined clear business goals around what you want your digital music to help you achieve, it’s time to start selecting the best music for your business use. We’ve discovered that curating music, much like cooking, is a fine art. In the same way a chef studies and takes inspiration from many different styles of cuisine and flavors, an effective music curator understands the nuts and bolts of how music works and has an insatiable curiosity to experience a great variety of music. Music Curation Philosophy

Combining the deep expertise of music professionals and the power of machine learning is our "secret sauce."
  • Use a human-centric approach
  • Put the customer first
  • Mix familiarity with discovery
  • Keep an open mind
  • Select music without personal bias, overlaid with broad expertise in a variety of musical styles and eras

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Now we’ve reached the Choose Your Own Adventure portion of the music curation story:

I’m looking for music that motivates


Uptempo popular music is your best friend when it comes to motivating end users with music they recognize. We tend to focus mostly on songs people know and love, sprinkling in a smaller number of lesser-known tracks. Part of the fun is seeing which of the latter are most liked, but we always expect the majority of best-performing songs to be upbeat hits from the past few years.

I’m looking for calm, relaxing music


When you want to slow down, well-known artists and songs are not needed. With the exception of gentle acoustic pop, consider steering clear of the charts.
Instead, focus on slower-paced, mostly instrumental music with soothing tones.
There’s ample room for creative curation, but most people don’t want music that’s too busy (lyrically, rhythmically, or in terms of sonic density) for these use cases.

Remember, it’s not about what music you like, it’s about what music will resonate with your customers in the digital environment you are creating for them. You can integrate feedback loops in your music integration, survey customers, or prompt conversations in your online communities to get you started. Staying connected to pop culture trends, and understanding the broader context of songs in society is key to putting together a great music station. 

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Your music choices represent your brand

Have you been relying on other people’s playlists? If you’re using Apple Music For Business or a Spotify business account, don’t forget to do your due diligence when it comes to explicit content, controversial topics, and lyrical themes.  

You’ll want to be sure that your brand guidelines and core values are reflected in the songs you select for core digital content as well as any background music.

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Music services for businesses

Chances are that music is not your business's core product, but that music is critical to your product or customer experience. Finding a partner that specializes in streaming music for businesses helps you focus your internal resources on your core product needs while giving you instant access to music industry expertise and turnkey systems to get the best music for your business.   

The music curation team here at Feed Media Group (FMG) is experienced at selecting music for businesses. We understand how important it is to expertly and thoughtfully choose integrated music for your customers and to refresh those selections regularly, a strategy which has been proven to drive engagement, retention, and revenue. 

Our team of highly skilled, professional curators manage thousands of music stations so you don’t have to. The talent and specialized expertise of our curators is what makes our platform so effective for our partners.

Music Curation Process

Music curation is not only important during the planning phase, it is an ongoing and evolving strategy. Analysis is key to optimizing the music you select, keeping it fresh for end users and maximizing engagement.’s customer portal gives you a front-row seat to important data about your end users' interactions with music in your app. Our team knows just how to apply their experience, adding an important layer of insight to inform optimization and keep your users coming back for more. 

Read more about the importance of music optimization. has the best music curation team for businesses

While technology and analytics play a critical role throughout the curation process, it’s the expertise, inquisitiveness, and ability of our curators to put the world around us into perspective that make our music stations so effective. Staying connected to pop culture trends, and understanding the broader context of songs in society is key to putting together a great music station. It's this connection, context, and care that most distinguishes our stations from those the best algorithms of major streaming platforms might generate.

"There’s no algorithm that can replicate the knowledge and serendipity of a music-loving curator." Arturo Lovazanno, Senior Curation Manager, Ops


The curation team brings 138 years of combined experience in roles that span content, production, programming, fitness, and music supervision. Our curators learned on the job and in the classroom with degrees in musicology, jazz studies, music history, and media studies from schools including Berklee College of Music, UC Berkeley, NYU, and St. Olaf College.

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Digital music integration for commercial use

For businesses looking to tap into the power of music, it’s important to look beyond music curation, and plan for licensing and integration as well. From how you integrate the music into your app or digital content experience to keeping up with music regulations and compliance, it helps to have a partner who specializes in the complex world of commercial music licensing for businesses. is a B2B streaming platform that offers end-to-end music systems for business. Our music licenses comply with federal laws and regulations, and our comprehensive music APIs were built to follow the rules and automate compliance, making sure every artist and rightsholder gets paid, while giving you peace of mind and full indemnification.’s music solutions provide access to nearly all commercial music and our curation team works with you to build the perfect streaming music stations for your brand to deliver a world-class user experience.

The right music drives real results.

Our clients appreciate that they can focus on what they do best for their customers and leave the music curation, integration, and optimization to our specialized team.

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