Exploring Sleep Music

Sleep is a universal need, and in a time of heightened stress and anxiety, it has become a precious commodity. There are many ways to improve sleep quality and quantity, and one of them is using sleep music or other audio tracks to help ease into slumber.

“The right music can reduce stress, and improve mood, putting your brain in a position to better achieve many wellness outcomes, such as quieting anxiety and getting to sleep."

Daniel Bowling, PhD
Instructor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford School of Medicine | Feed.fm Wellness Music Advisor

The Science of Sleep Music

  • Music therapy improves sleep quality in acute and chronic sleep disorders according to a meta-analysis of 10 randomized studies.

  • In 2018 research conducted by Goldsmiths, University of London and The University of Sheffield,  the results indicated that 62% of the general public uses music as a sleep aid.

  • According to another study, adults ages 60-83 who listened to 45 minutes of relaxing sleep music reported having better sleep quality, beginning on the very first night.

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The art of sleep music selection

Our Curation Team spends much of their time researching, finding, and selecting the best sleep music for optimal wellness outcomes. Sleep music is not a one-size-fits all. It's important to meet the end user where they are, which sometimes means offering multiple music stations to help them prepare for slumber.

Curating sleep music according to musical genres can be a slippery slope. No single genre will always produce music that fits a sleep music station. It all comes down to the musical elements. We look for songs that don't have rhythm or lyrics, nothing to distract or stimulate the listener. 

How businesses use sleep music

For wellness apps, telehealth and e-health companies, or any businesses looking to provide a more relaxing experience, the right mix of sleep music can create holistic digital environments that provide a supportive setting to reduce stress and drive better outcomes.

The right music at the right time

Man at computer listening to focus music on headphones

Focus & Attention

Foster concentration with a steady groove balanced with chill vibes to maintain an undistracted mind: hiphop styled lo-fi, bluesy lounge, and downtempo.
Feed.fm Wellness Image 4

Sleep & Relaxation

The most effective relaxation soundtracks blend synth pads, soft acoustic pieces, nature sounds, and Eastern influences under the umbrella of “relaxing ambient.”
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Stress & Anxiety

The right mix of gently energizing instrumental music can facilitate holistic digital environments that deliver better results to decrease stress and anxiety.


Stream market-tested sleep and wellness music in your app

Easily add curated wellness music collections that have been tested across millions of users for a wide variety of health needs.

  • Wellness content
  • Digital events
  • Telehealth experiences
  • On-hold music / IVR Phone
  • Video & audio ads

Feed.fm makes streaming quality sleep music easy for businesses

Feed.fm provides curation for more than 75 health and fitness brands, serving 741 million songs to 7.6 million unique users annually. As the industry’s foremost B2B Music as a Service (MaaS) company, we specialize in delivering contextually appropriate soundtracks to improve performance, recovery, and rest.

The only true all-in-one solution, Feed.fm music API and SDKs make it easy to integrate professionally curated sleep and relaxation music into an existing app as a value add for clients and a boost for app engagement.


Stream market-tested sleep and wellness music in your app

Easily add curated wellness music collections that have been tested across millions of users for a wide variety of health needs.

• Healthcare Facilities
• Home Care Services
• Mental Health Clinics
• Yoga & Meditation Studios
• Spas & Wellness Centers
• Hotels & Resorts
• Airlines & Transportation

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