Workout Music Improves Retention and ROI

The right workout music is a great motivator and proven to be performance enhancing. customers average a 70% increase in 90-day subscriber retention rates with premium in-app workout music.

Through expert curation, seamless integrations, and compliant music licensing services, helps leading brands harness the power of music to improve engagement and retention in digital fitness apps.


Understanding the science of exercise music

Most people know intuitively that workout music is a motivator. There is also an increasing body of research that shows music is performance enhancing when paired with workouts. Fitness music distracts from fatigue sensations and athletes need less oxygen to do the same work.

shutterstock_2061669332Even greater results are realized when movements are synchronized to the music’s tempo. The right soundtrack drives better performance, better results, and happier members. Read The ABC of Music in Exercise by Professor Karageorghis.

Download our Guide to Music Curation for Fitness or check out our Music in Exercise findings to learn how purposefully selected music tracks can improve exercise output.

Choosing the best workout music for digital fitness apps



Whether it’s a high-intensity fitness workout paired with chart-topping pop hits, or a restorative yoga flow with ambient, the right music at the right time makes everything better. From understanding your audience and brand to considering workout flow and intensity—it takes planning and strategy to choose the best workout music for your customers. It’s also important to refresh those selections regularly, to get maximum engagement, retention, and revenue. Get the guide to Music Curation for Fitness.

Multitudes of research has proven that music is a workout enhancer—effort expended, time spent exercising, and commitment to exercise as a regular habit all are significantly improved. So how can owners or publishers of fitness apps leverage this to their advantage? By baking music into the fabric of their app—making it a seamless, internalized aspect of the app experience.

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The best digital fitness experiences are seamless. We have measured ROI across 30, 60, and 90 days for millions of app users, and our customers have tremendous retention gains when they integrate music directly into their apps. Consumer music APIs (Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify) require users to subscribe or login to a separate app. 

MaaS (Music as a Service) platforms can help you deliver the interaction customers want to get the NPS scores you need. MaaS, or APIs built specifically for music streaming for business, are set up to integrate seamlessly into native apps, websites, and other digital products with robust SDKs.This includes providing cohesion so that music is playing smoothly along with your content, in your app.  

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The best workout music is personalized

It’s all about delivering the right music for the right workout at the right time. When you are planning a fitness music strategy it is important to remember that your users are likely to have a wide range of music preferences and they expect their experience to be personalized.

With a robust music solution, you can take your app personalization to the next level. Many digital fitness apps give users a choice of music in addition to the choice of workout. This often takes the form of various music stations—Pop, Hip Hop, Throwback, etc.—that a user directly selects.
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You can also integrate feedback loops or survey your users about their musical preferences. The most common way to do this is by offering exercisers an option to like, dislike, or skip songs mid-workout.’s music API offers a pre-built player with flexible playback, skip features, analytics, and licensing compliance.

Download the guide to fitness music and technology.


You have to license music for fitness use

If you’re in the business of fitness, music is paramount which means that it’s critical that you consider music licensing a top priority. Music licensing can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to stream popular music for your business, you have two options. You can deal directly with rightsholders which will consume a great deal of resources including time. Major label negotiations can take up to 2 years. If you want to start streaming music faster, you can find a Music as a Service (MaaS) partner like that offers a fully compliant, fully indemnified music API solution complete with professional curation.


“You can go out and learn the rules and regulations and one by one communicate with rightsholders to sort it all out. The benefit to is that we are doing this every day; we have the relationships in place. It’s a plug-and-play solution that allows you to do what you do best.”

Jeff Yasuda, CEO & Co-Founder of FMG


The best workout music solution for digital fitness apps powers music for the world's leading digital fitness brands. Our clients appreciate that they can focus on what they do best for their customers and leave the music curation and integration to our specialized team. EOY Ad Graphic 1200x1200-1"One of the biggest benefits of our music streaming APIs is that they help ensure rightsholders get paid for each use of their music. APIs empower us to automate data-driven tasks, to provide a whole class of services that solve a major stack of headaches related to music including ingesting, streaming, and compensating rightsholders. We do the work to simplify it for everyone else.”

Eric Lambrecht, CTO & Co-Founder, Feed Media Group is the best way to license workout music for apps and digital fitness experiences.

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