Music streaming for businesses—simplified is designed to make it easy, fast, and legal for businesses to stream major-label music in apps.

Get the best Unified Music System (UMS) for businesses looking for a turnkey way to integrate emotion-triggering music from top and emerging artists into their digital experiences.

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How the UMS works for you

Get better music

Get better music

Get pre-cleared music expertly curated for your app and your audience. 

Save on dev time

Save on dev time

The music CMS + SDKs amplify your digital experience with minimal coding.
Rest Easy

Rest easy

Built-in compliance and full indemnification mean that you don't have to worry about music licensing—period.
Achieve Goals

Reap the rewards

Music-led growth earns loyalty and retention. With it's easy to measure impact.
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Top brands utilizing the unified music system

Quickly integrate music into digital experiences with a robust music CMS

Music streaming for businesses is easy when you put's powerful content management system to work for you. Get the only music API designed for businesses, complete with a customizable music player, easy-to-use SDKs, and a built-in compliance engine for seamless integration in any app.'s unified music system (UMS) is revolutionizing music streaming for business.

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"We found really straightforward to integrate. We don’t have to spend time curating playlists or anything. We were looking for a solution that was fairly hands-off for our team. It’s been a huge benefit to us."
Ross Arnott
Chief Product Officer, asensei

Achieve business goals with music-led growth

By incorporating music streaming for businesses, our partners have experienced a tremendous boost in their app session lengths and customer loyalty. We call this music-led growth. The impact of playing the perfect song at the perfect moment cannot be underestimated—it serves as a compelling motivator and a proven business strategy. session and retention graphic
" built an innovative program that our fans loved. Music drove unprecedented engagement."
Jeremy Thum
Senior Director of Digital Experience,
Golden State Warriors

It's time to engage your users like never before

Book a free music strategy consultation today!
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Rest easy with pre-cleared music streaming in your app

With, businesses can stream pre-cleared commercial music stress-free. From major-label hits to indie gems and royalty-free soundscapes, we provide all the music you need for your apps and connected devices. Best of all, we take care of all the licensing, compliance, and reporting, and offer full indemnification.

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"They take care of the legal licensing of each song so we can rest easy knowing we provide the best songs to our members while artists also get paid."
Khalil Zahar
Founder and CEO, Fightcamp

Get a personalized music strategy powered by data-driven curation

Our experts curate the perfect music. Streaming for businesses is both an art and a science. The music selection process begins with the audience and brand. Expert music curators make personalized recommendations influenced by AI technology, and listener insights, and provide ongoing optimization to deliver exceptional in-app music experiences.

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"Our members are incredibly diverse and have a discerning ear for music. The curation team at makes sure our music selections are fresh and (just as importantly) unique to our brand and our trainers."
Bryn Putnam
Founder, MIRROR

Unlock the power of music

You’ve probably spent a lot of valuable time, energy, and resources trying to license music on your own.

Work with the experts who have mastered the art of music streaming for businesses so you can stay focused on your core product.

With the UMS, you’ll get:

  • Pre-cleared music including major-label hits, indie gems, functional music, and more.
  • A fully managed music CMS to automate delivery, integration, and compliance.
  • Data-driven music stations that are ready to engage your customers and improve user retention, saving you time and money.
  • Analytics that’ll provide proof of ROI and give you insight into what motivates your customers.
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Looking for more info?

Explore music trends, curation insights, and functional music applications. Learn about music strategy and music licensing for businesses.

It’s never too early to start planning for music.