Feed.fm powers music for the world’s leading brands

Feed.fm's unified music system provides the licensing, curation, and technology that businesses need to legally use music in digital experiences, while serving as powerful ally to everyone in the music industry ecosystem.

Feed Media Group

Feed Media Group (FMG) makes it easy, fast, and legal for businesses to stream major-label music and make data-backed decisions to increase customer engagement. Our unified music system includes music APIs and SDKs to stream pre-cleared commercial music—compiled by the industry's best curators—complete with a music content management system, user analytics, payments to rightsholders, and legal indemnification for our customers.


Feed.fm powers music for the world’s leading brands including Barry's, BODi, and Tonal; up-and-coming startups use Adaptr to create unique music-based experiences; and now, FMG offers flexible licensing for original content created by world-class artists with Feed Originals.

FMG Products

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Feed.fm is a comprehensive UMS solution combining a radio-style streaming music api for businesses with music licensing, curation, and CMS infrastructure for businesses and apps.
Feed Originals offers bespoke music for businesses with flexible licensing. Original songs and custom compositions created by world-class musicians.
Adaptr is an interactive, all-in-one platform that easily adds hit music to new apps and mobile games. Music partners include Beggars, Merlin, Warner, and more.

Industries We Transform



Feed.fm music solutions support the whole person, from preventative healthcare, through condition-based healthcare, and then back into fitness in a virtuous cycle.


Studies suggest that the right music can enhance human wellness and performance. Feed.fm makes it easy to harness the power of music.
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Workout music is a great motivator and proven to be performance enhancing. With Feed.fm’s curated music, you’ll improve retention and ROI.
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Top brands utilizing the Feed.fm unified music system

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Top Brands Powered by the Feed.fm unified music system

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Curation Manager, Catalog Development
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Senior Curator, Marketing
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Senior Curator, Sales
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Director of Sales
Joe Marougi
Music Consultant
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VP of Customer Experience
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Sr. Customer Success Manager
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Curation Production Manager
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Director of Engineering
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Data Ops Analyst
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