Unified Music Systems

A UMS is a plug-and-play platform that combines music licensing, expert curation, and streaming infrastructure, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate a powerful music experience into their products.

A UMS helps rightsholders monetize more of their catalogs while gaining market data and insights from a wide range of apps and digital environments.

UMS Music featuring Light Switch by Charlie Puth


What is a UMS?

A Unified Music System (UMS) offers a secure method for businesses to stream music in apps, safeguarding attribution and compliance.

For rightsholders, a UMS aggregates new revenue streams to expand audiences and reduce the time you spend vetting and managing deals. 

By eliminating the issue of "black box money" it ensures that the correct rightsholders receive timely payment for their work and provides access to valuable insights.


UMS licensed content

Pre-cleared catalogs

 Major-label music
 Indie releases
 Royalty-free songs
 Nature sounds
 Spoken audio

UMS music content management systems

Complete music CMS

  Ingestion & storage
 Metadata & tagging

 Compliance engine

 SDKs (iOS, Android, Unity, JS)


Data-driven curation

 Expert human curation
 AI-informed personalization 
  Listener insights
 Business impact metrics
  Ongoing optimization

The opportunities around emerging platforms are still mostly untapped

The fragmentation of how music is licensed to apps and connected devices has made it unmanageable for rightsholders and inaccessible for developers.  

For many prospective licensors, music is not their core product, and many wait until it's too late to figure out licensing. This often results in apps using royalty-free music, infringing, or skipping music altogether. 

Opportunities Untapped UMS


fragmented licensing UMS

Fragmented licensing

36,000 new apps were released on the Apple App Store in June 2023. Rightsholders don't have the bandwidth to manage a high volume of deals with small businesses and startups. 
content confusion UMS

Content confusion

Most companies are not equipped to ingest, store, and properly deliver copyrighted music resulting in attribution and compliance confusion. 
black box UMS

Black-box data

Lack of structured reporting for in-app music listening is preventing rightsholders from getting paid, and obtaining key insights to grow their audiences and businesses.

Developers want music—it's proven to drive engagement

Using the right music in the right place at the right time creates fully engaging digital experiences that earn loyalty and retention. 


Retention & Session Times UMS


We call it music disconnect

We call this music disconnect

Only the most highly resourced companies have the bandwidth to navigate licensing, stay on top of music trends, decipher music metadata, and analyze terabytes of preference and usage reports.

And, while the music industry wants to capitalize on new platforms, rightsholders generally don’t have the bandwidth to spend extensive amounts of time with startups with unproven revenue models. 

music disconnect Grey

Music licensing fragmentation

While the music industry is counting on emerging digital platforms to drive growth, rightsholders aren't equipped to spend extensive amounts of time with startups with unproven revenue models. 

Content management challenges

Managing music content is a major challenge for businesses, and frequent rights changes and issues with inconsistent metadata frequently cause attribution problems and payment delays.

Music data

Fragmentation of how music is licensed to apps and connected devices has led to a lack of structured reporting for in-app music listening. Without more transparency, rightsholders are missing opportunities to grow their businesses. 

Introducing the Unified Music System

A Unified Music System (UMS) enables brands to effortlessly integrate music from both well-known and emerging artists into their digital spaces to drive music-led growth.

UMS platforms provide better data and insights to rightsholders about music consumption across apps and connected devices, allowing them to leverage user preferences to make strategic decisions for developing and promoting artists and songs.

How UMS solves music disconnect for rightsholders

Unlock new revenue streams with pre-cleared music catalogs, saving you time and effort while focusing on artist and catalog development.

A UMS Content Management System eliminates content delivery hassles and ensures legal and authorized music distribution.

Access detailed reporting, faster payments, transparency, and control over your revenue streams. Utilize advanced analytics tools for in-depth insights into your music's performance, audience demographics, and trends.

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Who Benefits?

A UMS empowers you to optimize revenue and make informed decisions.


UMS Legal teams are fully indemnified
UMS Developers integrate music UI in just days
UMS Content teams test many music combinations
UMS product teams get apps to market on time
UMS_Business Leads able to measure impact of music

A UMS empowers you to optimize revenue and make more-informed decisions.

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New revenue streams


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Music discovery


Safeguarding Content

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Market Intelligence