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Curious about licensing music for virtual reality? If you are looking for major label hits or custom tracks for your VR or AR app, handles all the licensing, streaming, and reporting for you.

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Licensing music for virtual reality can be complex and time consuming. offers the only full-service music API that provides a plug-and-play Unity SDK with complete licensing and compliance built in—no need to manage licensing yourself.

Rights Clearance

File Acquisition & Packaging

Metadata Management

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Whether you need top hits, music for meditation, or a custom composition, has it all.

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Commercial Music

Get expertly curated major label music to create the most engaging customer experiences.
*Charlie Puth, Warner Music Group Artist
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Science-Backed Wellness Music

Access our original catalog of research-driven music, backed by science and created to promote positive health and wellness outcomes.
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Original Soundscapes

Exclusive songs and custom compositions created by world-class musicians to fit your business’s unique needs.
*Rianjali Bhowmick, Feed Originals Artist
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Music licensing is complex

While there are many options for sharing music with your customers, you may need to dedicate a hefty budget and six months to two years time to negotiate licensing directly with multiple rightsholders, send your customers out to a third-party platform, or use generic royalty-free music.

Whether you are sharing music in your app, in a blog post, or in your store or gym, you have to get permission and pay the rightsholders. Many small business owners stream directly from their Spotify accounts, but unfortunately, that is not a legal solution.

→ Learn more in Music Licensing 101

Intro to music licensing 

Disclaimer: Please note this is not a substitute for legal advice, but a quick overview of the complex music licensing world.

Almost all the music you hear, and most likely the music you want to use, is copyrighted. This means that one or more parties own the rights to it. Using this music without paying the rightsholders can get your company into very expensive legal problems. In most cases, businesses will need multiple licenses for their company’s music usage, and in fact, may need multiple licenses for even just one song.

To start, one must understand that there are two copyrighted works in every recording.  The first is the composition, which includes the notes and words. The composition is generally owned by the songwriters and their music publisher.  The second is the sound recording, which is an artist’s recording of a composition. The sound recording is generally owned by the artist or record label.


In all cases, it is better to ask for permission than forgiveness. 


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Delivering the Right Music at the Right Time

Whether it’s a fitness workout, a meditation session, or functional training, the right music at the right time improves ROI.

The music curation team is experienced at selecting music for virtual reality and other apps—we understand how important it is to expertly and thoughtfully choose in-app music for VR experiences. takes a customer-first approach and refreshes those selections regularly, which has been proven to drive engagement, session times, and retention.

* Feed.Fm proprietary data 2022. Music refers to app users listening to in-app music integration. No music refers to app users not listening to music curated and integrated via session and retention graphic


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Why does it work?

Most people know intuitively that music is a motivator. And, there is an increasing body of research that shows music is performance-enhancing when paired with fitness. Music distracts from fatigue sensations, and athletes need less oxygen to do the same work. Pairing music and workouts delivers even stronger results when movements are synchronized to the music’s tempo.

And, not just any music will do . . . 

Sample Stations on
Easily stream popular and indie music for your customers.
power workouts
today's pop
indie dance
endurance training
throwback jams
yoga & stretching
classic rock
game day pump up
mellow summer vibes

Music for virtual reality is complex. We've got your back.

In less than 30 minutes with a music specialist, you will:

  • Breathe a little easier knowing that there is a turnkey music licensing solution for in-product music streaming.
  • Get inspired learning how other businesses have crushed their goals with effective music strategies.
  • Feel confident that you’ve found a partner that can help you transform your digital experiences with music, legally.

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