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Feed Media Group is built
by a team of music lovers.

About Feed Media Group

Feed Media Group (FMG) is for businesses that need licensed popular music to create the most engaging customer experiences in their digital apps and physical spaces. Unlike navigating complex, time-consuming negotiations with music labels and publishers, Feed Media Group’s proprietary streaming platform and SDKs deliver pre-cleared music—compiled by the industry’s best curators—complete with user analytics, payments to rightsholders, and legal indemnification for our customers.

Feed.fm powers music for the world’s leading brands including American Eagle Outfitters, Mayo Clinic, Mirror, Nautilus and Tonal; and up-and-coming startups use Adaptr to create unique music-based experiences. Our music partners include Warner, BMG, and Merlin. Learn more at feedmediagroup.com.


We want everyone to experience the power of music.


Our Team


Jeff Yasuda, CEO
Jeff is an avowed music geek who regularly hosts live music performances and interviews in his San Francisco studio.
Eric Lambrecht, CTO
Eric has been building and managing services for delivering multimedia on the Internet for over 20 years.
Lauren Pufpaf, President & COO
Lauren is a data-driven operator with deep experience growing revenue and user bases for consumer and B2B startups. She's also a vinyl junkie and has been producing and spinning house music for over 15 years.


Bryn Boughton, VP of Music
Bryn is a people connector and a digital music innovator. She is a fan of start-ups and community and loves a good live comedy show.
Steve Marks, Legal Counsel
Steve is a longtime music exec with a passion for building new models that drive revenue for artists. He is a bass player who loves music rooted in American blues, jazz, and R&B.
Pepe Verde, Director of Content Operations
A veteran of the music industry, Pepe has spent most of his life surrounded by records and computers, and he likes to apply the latter to organize the former.
Laura Hufnagle, DataOps Analyst
Laura is a human ray of sunshine with a hopeful green thumb. She is a creative problem solver who loves spiraling down a problem rabbit hole to dig up the root cause. 


Roxy Kellogg, VP of Product
Roxy is a data-driven product leader that relentlessly optimizes for growth. In her spare time she likes to meditate and tend to her land where she is creating a self-sustainable lifestyle.
Angelica Arancillo, Product Manager
Angelica is a passionate innovator who loves using creativity to solve problems. Since she was a kid, she has always loved music and used it as a healing mechanism by singing, playing piano or guitar. She also enjoys swimming and doing mindfulness activities.


Rob Kenkel, Director of Sales
Rob loves listening to and appreciating music of all kinds. He doesn't play an instrument, he's not in the label scene, and he can't code so when he found a way to parley his sales experience with his passion he jumped and didn't look back.
Jess Pan, Account Executive
From singing songs to giving Sales Demos, Jessica loves using her voice to tell a story. She’s a singer-songwriter turned businesswoman who loves working for innovative new tech startups. PowerPoint would be her superpower and music is her muse.


​Chris Schreiber, VP of Marketing
Chris has led marketing and driven consistent growth for multiple category-defining B2B technology companies, after beginning his career with Google. He has played in rock bands since he was a kid and now likes to jam with his own kids. 
Maddie Hewitt, Senior Demand Generation Manager
Maddie believes that just like marketing, life is about constantly reinventing yourself. Her life goals include curating the perfect playlist for every situation, traveling the world, and interning at a Parisian boulangerie. Besides  wanting to see the whole world, she hopes to one day hitch a ride to a galaxy far far away. 
​Melissa Clark, Director of Marketing
Melissa is one of those organized creative types. A singer, songwriter, and guitarist who also loves diving into marketing projects. When she's not helping people experience the power of music, she can be found tending to her llamas.
Bryan Adrianzen, Marketing Coordinator
Marketing is the act of making change happen. Bryan is a music fanatic, especially when it’s performed live. Aside from being a fantastic road trip DJ, he loves to cook and is constantly perfecting his bread, pizza, and French pastry recipes.

Customer Success

Kristie Wells, VP of Customer Experience
Kristie is happiest when she can connect people, big ideas, and meaningful experiences. When she is not attached to her computer, you will most likely find her enjoying live music, hiking, thrifting, and adding to the list of craft breweries she has visited. 
​Tiffany Sirikulvadhana, Head of Customer Success
Attorney turned customer success leader, with experience in developing and implementing success strategies and scaling customer teams. She's a lover of country music, the band Shinedown, and mildly obsessed with cats and dogs.
​Amy Bauer, Senior Customer Success Manager
Amy lives for live music and curating these experiences is one of Amy’s passions. On a personal side, she’s been to hundreds of concerts and festivals spanning 8 countries and 20 states. When not at a show, you can find Amy exploring nature through hiking, biking, skiing, & camping.


Eric "Stens" Stensvaag,
Curation Director

A lifelong music fanatic, Stens is passionate about music history and journalism. His classical background shapes the belief that all music is connected. Through FMG, he's rediscovered a childhood love of pop while broadening his knowledge as a hip-hop DJ.

Arturo Lovazzano,
Curation Operations Manager
Arturo is passionate about digital media ecosystems and the opportunities created by emerging technologies, great user experiences, and compelling partnerships. He is also an avid music collector, dj, and live music fan.


​Mike Savage, Curation Manager, Catalog Development
Mike is a music fanatic whose background is like a Swiss Army Knife of the music industry. From programming major-market radio stations to managing globally-successful artists, he's known as a tastemaker with his finger on the pulse of musical trends.

Matt DiGiovanna, Curation Production Manager
Matt is a formally trained jazz saxophonist turned producer, DJ, and music supervisor with tons of experience in the fitness industry. He's also a huge sports fan who'll you probably find on the golf course on the weekends.


​Armando Meza, Program Manager - Music
Armando is a music and fitness lover who has years of software quality assurance experience working in fitness and music applications. In his free time, he loves coaching baseball and softball for his 8-year-old twins. 


​Juan Hernandez-Cruz, Senior Curator, Sales
Juan has worked across media, education, digital distribution, and more. He's a musical encyclopedia, having played guitar for as long as he can remember. When he's not curating, Juan's holding dance parties with his kid or adventuring around Los Angeles.
Claire McConnell, Senior Curator, Marketing
Claire is a music and pop culture obsessive who loves fine-tuning the art of the perfect playlist. Outside of her interest in music, she is a die-hard SF sports fan, triathlete, and scuba diver.


Ben Towal, Engineering Manager
Ben knows that happy engineers make better software. He is focused on innovative and sustainable development. He loves to cook (gluten-free only!), exercise, and spend time with his family and two dogs. 
​Chris Drew, Senior Software Engineer
Chris is a software engineer who loves to automate boring things. A longtime musician, he loves to watch his kids bang away on his collection of instruments from around the world. 
Hugh Guiney, Senior Software Developer, Web Frontend
Hugh is a designer-developer with a passion for creating thoughtful digital products. He has consulted with everything from startups to household names to help realize their visions. Off-the-clock he directs indie movies, plays fighting games, and vlogs on YouTube.
Mark Slade, Senior Developer, Full Stack
Mark is a software engineer whose nerd roots go back to his first Commodore 64. His passions include piano, woodworking, and rock climbing. 
Arveen Kumar, Software Engineer, Mobile
Arveen is a software engineer with a love for all things mobile and the music industry. When he's not coding he is either sailing in the Mediterranean or exploring Europe. 
Joe Garcia, Full Stack Engineer
Joe is a people and solutions-focused software engineer that enjoys creating software that improves processes and experiences. He loves kayaking, mountain biking, and anything outdoors.
Matt Sandler, Senior Software Engineer
Matt is an engineer who likes to "build fast and fix things". He likes to sing karaoke duets with a robot he made. Alphabetically his top four hobbies are: art, bread, comedy, and DnD.


Rory Hibbler, Director of Operations
Rory is an operations geek who loves jamming out to 90s hip-hop while she works. Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Rory spends her free time hiking, biking, climbing, and skiing in the backcountry.
Daniela Velazquez, Recruiter
Passionate about impact, Daniela's work has been dedicated to increasing access to opportunities for underrepresented groups. From teaching to fundraising and now recruiting, her unique background allows her to identify top talent and expand our team.
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