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Feed Media Group

Feed Media Group is built
by a team of music lovers.

About Feed Media Group

Feed Media Group (FMG) is dedicated to innovation in music licensing and distribution with one goal in mind: help businesses of all shapes and sizes create amazing user experiences with music. Building great experiences with music at the core has traditionally been challenging, as each use case requires different licenses, pricing is opaque and even when rights are secured, streaming, tracking, and paying rights holders can be difficult. We’re working with the industry to experiment with new solutions that serve everyone. We don’t see this as a zero sum game - rights holders, businesses, and consumers can all win.
Music drives tangible results for businesses, and we’re obsessed with understanding that impact.
We believe that music creates authentic connections, and we have proof that those connections aren’t just emotional. Music drives tangible results for businesses, and we’re obsessed with understanding that impact. Our platform for digital media solutions is built with the end user in mind. We make customers happy and that makes brands happy.

Our latest addition to the platform is Adaptr.com. Adaptr is a first-of-its-kind platform giving developers a place where they can easily and safely innovate with hit commercial music.

Our Team


Jeff Yasuda, CEO
Jeff is an avowed music geek who regularly hosts live music performances and interviews in his San Francisco studio.
Eric Lambrecht, CTO
Eric has been building and managing services for delivering multimedia on the Internet for over 15 years.
Lauren Pufpaf, COO
Lauren is a data-driven operator with deep experience growing revenue and user bases for consumer and B2B startups. She’s also a vinyl junkie and has been producing and spinning house music for over 15 years.


James Thurlow, Head of Product
James is a builder at heart. When he’s not working on crafting software products, he likes to make sawdust around his house and messes in the kitchen.


Rob Kenkel, Director of Sales
Rob is passionate about solving challenges and driving growth for companies. When he's off the clock he loves to share his passion for music, sports, and cool technology... in that order.
​Ryan Sajewski, Business Development
Always focused on improving, Ryan is an avid learner and devours sales content from thought leaders. He loves to explore San Francisco by foot and by bike and can usually be found listening to indie folk while trekking through the city.

Customer Success

​Tiffany Sirikulvadhana, Head of Customer Success
Attorney turned customer success leader, with experience in developing and implementing success strategies and scaling customer teams. She's a lover of country music, the band Shinedown, and mildly obsessed with cats.
​Erick Pullen, Senior CSM
Erick is a customer experience leader with a passion for process improvement and operational excellence. He's also a classically trained saxophonist and can often be found at the beach or on a boat if not at his desk.


Bryn Boughton, Head of Platform and Licensing
Bryn is a people connector and a digital music innovator. She is a fan of start-ups and community and loves a good live comedy show.


​Dario Slavazza, Curation Lead
Dario is a musical omnivore who has taken a degree in Ethnomusicology and turned it into a passport to constant musical discovery. Outside of curating and creating music, his time is spent sailing on the Bay or riding and repairing motorcycles.
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